Run Local Garage Door - Very bad customer service

Santa Clara, California 1 comment

I was very disappointed with service.

The guy comes on time. Good start

But here it. is... the guy comes and writes the receipt. And there was additional 59 dollar. I would have paid if they told us there was extra.

But the fact that they are a cheater not telling otherwise.

Finally, I called them and asked about thr additional charge.

Guess what the reaction was. "We did nothing wrong and shut up and pay" tone of voice. He actually fought instead of clarifying the issue.

I paid the amount because there.was 30 dollar trip fee and the guy whp installed had good manner.

If he didn't, I would have sent him back without paying him $30.

The person who install, is good, but otherwise bad service.


Orange, California, United States #778754

This company has changed it's name to THELOCALGARAGEDOOR.COM AS OF 01/20/2014

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